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Patient Education and Outreach

Health Education for NEW Health Patients and Family

It is the mission and philosophy of NEW Health to provide each patient and their family members with relevant health education pertaining to their illness and treatment. Health education is provided at each visit and is tailored to the individual needs and abilities of each patient. Health education, which is an ongoing process, may consist of both written material and verbal instruction. Health education includes, but is not limited to, teaching about safe and effective use of medications, the proper use of medical equipment, smoking cessation, and nutritional counseling. Every patient is advised of their rights and responsibilities as a patient at NEW Health. Health education referrals are made for all departments as needed by the patient and family.

To schedule an appointment with the Health Educator please call 617-643-8080.


Outreach to the Community

NEW Health is committed to the overall health and wellbeing of the Charlestown community and its residents. Via NEW Health’s outreach initiatives, our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle in the neighborhood and to target outreach efforts to those individuals and groups that are finding it difficult to access our services. To meet the identified needs of the diverse populations of the neighborhood, outreach education is provided to the community on a variety of health promotion and prevention topics.