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Medical Care

NEW Health Charlestown is committed to delivering the highest quality primary care services. Our physicians are board certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Family Medicine. At NEW Health Charlestown, our goal is to treat every patient as a whole and unique individual, one who deserves and receives the best healthcare services available.
NEW Health Charlestown primary care providers work with an interdisciplinary team, who may all be available to care for you. The team includes a physician, nurse practitioner, behavioral health therapist, dentist, optometrist, nurse, and support staff who are actively involved in your care, as needed. Your primary care physician (PCP) coordinates your care and assures that you receive the necessary medical and ancillary care.
The services we provide include routine physical exams, preventive medicine, diagnosis, and treatment of simple or complicated medical, behavioral, oral, or vision conditions. All referrals to specialists will be consistent with your needs and your insurance coverage.
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